Misunderstanding by J.S.Tissanayagam

Analysis of J.S.Tissanayagam’s Misunderstanding Subject-matter: A university student called Bandula trying to reach high society Main theme: Inability to understand the inner mentality of another person Sub themes: upper class mentality mere ostentation inaccessible goals inflict a person The real person is hidden in one’s inner self. Techniques: 3rd person narration, conversational tone Language: simple and impressive … Read more

The Golden Oriole by Suwimali Karunaratne

The Golden Oriole Short Story by Suwimali Karunaratne SUBJECT-MATTER: The tragic end of a marriage proposal brought to an unmarried over aged lady MAIN THEME: Misery caused by frustration OTHER THEMES: The fate of an unmarried over aged woman in Sri Lanka The feminine way of response; double behavior The hypocritical nature of men Class … Read more

This Language this Woman Summary and Analysis

Yasmin Gunaratne’s This Language this Woman Summary and Analysis This Language this Woman Poem Beware how you insult her in your ignorance accident of your birth goaded by the jealous fury of your own girl who still relents it seems that old flirtation reproaching her forever with your dearth you miss the loveliness of her … Read more

From the Life of the Folk Poet Ysinno by Lakdas wikkramasinha

Summary and Analysis of From the Life of the Folk Poet Ysinno by Lakdas wikkramasinha Ysinno cut the bamboo near Haniketta , And from those wattles made his hut And had nothing to cover it with, nothing Like a hundred and sixty Bales of straw. So he made his way to the Walauva at Iddamalgoda … Read more

Richard de Zoysa’s Gajaga wannama Poem Analysis

Richard de Zoysa’s Gajaga wannama Poem Summary Analysis Gajaga wannama Poem The elephants are out. Last night they marched Gorgeous through streets, caparisoned like kings, Electric radiance shattering the night, Laden with relics, talismans and things. Dawn came. And they were tethered in their stalls (The back garages of an Institute of Education) Where they … Read more

Analysis of Lepidoptera by Richard de Zoysa

Lepidoptera By Richard de Zoysa – Summary and Analysis On broken butterfly wing, your crippled mind fluttered into my schoolroom. Failed. And died. I couldn’t do a thing to stir its organs of poor maimed sense to life again. Only sensation. Reflex twitch of feelers. And for me sentiment. Occasional small rapture at your velvet … Read more